Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When the industry is embracing AI, Dynamic Packaging, and Real-time technologies, why does adhere to a traditional process? is an initiative by our IT consultancy firm, collaborating with over 40 travel agencies across the MEA region. The inspiration behind this project came when our founder encountered a holiday consultant who, within minutes, provided all the information he needed for a trip he had been researching for days. Impressed by the consultants' extensive knowledge of various destinations, our vision for is to have a digital platform with industry-knowledgeable holiday consultants at the forefront. We aim to create a marketplace that embraces traditional methods for booking holiday packages and leisure content, giving consultants a central role in the travel experience.

Marketplaces usually compare supplier offers. Why, doesn't specify the name of the travel agency or tour operator that owns a particular package ?

Tripsnhub operates as a marketplace and doesn't position itself as a rate comparison tool for holiday packages. Comparing holiday package prices directly can be misleading. For example, a 3-night package to Georgia may be USD 1000 with Agency A and USD 1300 with Agency B. However, the packages may include different services, vehicles, hotels, or room types. Displaying rates with agency names might mislead users into thinking Agency A is cheaper, when in reality, the packages are not the same.

Why are you not integrating APIs so that we can get direct content from suppliers? chooses not to integrate supplier APIs for content retrieval, as our platform aims to replicate the traditional package booking process through a marketplace concept. The featured packages are carefully curated by experienced Holiday Consultants, ensuring you have direct interaction with seasoned travel and holiday experts throughout the process.

I have made a package booking request. Will it be Tripsnhub or the agency that owns the package that contacts me?

Tripsnhub is a marketplace that focuses on travel inspiration and lead generation. The travel agency or tour operator will be the one contacting you.

What is the cancellation and refund procedure of serves as a marketplace for travel agencies and tour operators to showcase their content. Acting as a lead generator without a mediator role, Tripsnhub connects you directly with suppliers. Payments are made directly to the suppliers, and cancellation and refund procedures align with the communicated process during booking.

When individual travel agencies have their own websites, what significance does a marketplace like hold? is a project by a Travel Technology Consultancy working with travel agencies across the MEA region. Many agencies have great tour packages, but they often go unnoticed by travelers due to limited online presence and small marketing budgets. aims to change that by showcasing these gems directly to users. Welcome to, Your Leisure Store.

Is the package rate on marked up?

Tripsnhub shows package rates shared by travel agencies and tour operators. No markups are added on top of the rates provided by partner agencies

Is the data, including rates , details and visuals, provided accurate and guaranteed?

Tripsnhub is a marketplace that focuses on travel inspiration and lead generation. The platform typically displays starting rates and high-level data. When the agency contacts you, they will discuss the itinerary, terms and conditions, as well as rates in line with the selected dates and availability.

Does Tripsnhub provide flight booking services?

No, Tripsnhub is a Leisure Content Marketplace. While holiday packages may include bundled flight deals, Tripsnhub does not support stand-alone flight-only reservations.

To whom do I make the payment, Tripsnhub, or the content-providing travel company?

Tripsnhub is not collecting any payment; all payment transactions will be directly between you and the travel agency or tour operator that owns the package.

As a travel agency or tour operator, how can I go about showcasing my content on

Kindly express your interest in partnership by completing the registration process at Please note that contractual and commercial terms apply, and we will reach out to you promptly.

Our company is interested in advertising on Tripsnhub. Do you support this?

Tripsnhub does not follow sponsored or preferential listing of package deals from Partner Agencies. We support advertisements that do not conflict with our business model, such as those from Airlines, Hotel Chains, Tourism departments, Travel accessories, etc. For inquiries, please email us at Terms & Conditions apply.